Xmas Portrait Pin #3


Xmas Portrait Pin #3

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Christmas Special version of my weird portrait pins! They are from my year long illustrative project - 'There's a man in my head'. They are hand selected from the entire series and handcrafted into these little brooch pins. 

They are hand drawn onto shrink plastic, layered with a protective layer of resin and comes with a brooch pin at the back. You can pin this up anywhere from bags to shirts to hats, or even inside your pocket.

100% Hand made with a tinge of weirdness. 

Material: Shrink Plastic, Drawing Pen, Resin, Brooch Pin

Approximate Size:

Care: Please be sure to wear with care, as these are hand crafted products. Even though I have gone through multiple rounds of creation to ensure they are lasting, they still need to be handled with care! 

Disclaimer: Do note that these are 100% handcrafted products and there may be flaws as these are hard to produce. But the flaws are its beauty!

So there will be no refunds for this product, due to unsatisfactory reasons upon receiving it.

Do consider really wanting one before buying it! 

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