“Evil is Banal” is a photo publication created as part of my deliverable for my final year project. A showcase of collages made by contrasting iconic people known to be evil in actual day to day modern lifestyle.

The common factor when we talk about evil, is that we often immediately think of various iconic people. They had committed years of atrocities and it had been imbued in us that they were the bad guys. History has repeatedly reminded us of their terror and movies have replicated such horrors over and over again. The ruthless dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong are the true evil. What we see have always been accentuated to the terrors they have committed. What we don't see is that there is always two sides to a coin. 

“Evil is Banal” breaks away the years of demonisation of such iconic figures by composing them in seemingly ordinary everyday scenes in our contemporary society, to play on the fact that they are banal like ourselves.