First Flea Thoughts


My first flea is over, and what an amazing experience it was. It was my first time doing live drawing as well and it sure was a nerve wrecking experience when someone watches you draw. I was shaking and almost couldn’t control my strokes, but it got better as I got more comfortable with it.


And my first portrait was done, while more requests were coming my way. I didn’t know people would love my eccentric portraits, as sometimes they may seem all too dark and morbid. But the crowd kept coming and the requests kept going on, and I found myself drawing the entire time.


It was such an engaging experience to be drawing live and hearing heartfelt comments from the public, and I would most certainly do more live drawings down the road! Thank you all for the support and your kind words, I believe this very first flea experience was a good start to my flea life. I will be seeing you all more often, I hope!