Getting lost in my own world


There’s a certain craze that goes on in Japan that had me caught in it as well. The 300¥ balls, or also know as Gachapon / Capsule Machines. Everytime I take a trip to Tokyo, there’s always one place I would never fail to visit. It’s this little store over at Akihabara.


This little store is packed with Gachapon machines, with all sorts of toys stocked. This is probably heaven to me, as an avid toy collector and a soft spot for all things weird, this is where I spend majority of my cash away. Just 300¥ for one, and then 300¥ for another one, and another one, before I knew it, I have spent more than hundreds in this tiny little store with a bag full of balls.


They’re everywhere, in the mall, by the street, in train stations, in museums, at universities, and they have all kinds of little knick knacks, collectible toys, and hand crafted products. I love it and I have a crazy addiction to these things.

But sadly, these aren’t as common as they are, here in Singapore. Not often do you come across a store where they have Gachapon machines lined up neatly and well equipped with a coin changing machine for your convenience. And even when you do find Gachapon machines here, they are commonly filled with the more popular anime stuff that our locals are familiar with.

It’s kinda sad not being able to feed my Gachapon addiction while I’m back here in Singapore, but I’m looking to change that.